natural abortion

all women who have been homeless and when declared pregnant, of course each couple will be happy chapters will have a child. However, a miscarriage can happen when you are pregnant, you do not treat the fetus well. Before kegugran really happened, the habit of some early symptoms that show if there is an incorrect to the pregnancy system.
obat aborsi alami Miscarriage is a subject that most women worry about during pregnancy. Miscarriage is a contagious loss when the fetus is under 20 weeks old. About one in six pregnancies end in miscarriage. some big take place before the 16th week.
Well Here are the characteristics you feel miscarriage Gynecology:
Bleeding from the vagina
One of the most common characteristics of miscarriage is bleeding, ranging from blood spots easy and heavy to the flow of blood. not infrequently the bleeding is accompanied by the discharge of tissue, like a uterine wall or ruptured membranes.
Abdominal cramps
The feeling of cramps or convulsions to the stomach of his habit takes place while the ligament chapter you are feeling a stretch. However, repeated and painful cramps from habit can be symptoms of miscarriage. This pain is a habit in the lower abdomen.
Back pain
Back pain against pregnancy is a common subject. However, when the back pain is accompanied by blood spots or severe bleeding, as good as quickly contact your obstetrician.
Unleashed a strange liquid
If you get any unusual fluid, like blood spots or whitish clumps with a strong odor, it could be a sign if you've lost the baby. Place the blobs in a clean container, bring it to your obstetrician for further treatment.
Pain to the lower abdominal area
Usually the pain of the abdominal area lasts for a long time. besides around the abdomen, pain can also take place in the area under the pelvis, groin, and genital area.
the disappearance of pregnancy signs
Usually women will feel nausea and vomiting against pregnancy time. if the mark is no longer felt, it can be so you feel a miscarriage.
the result of the pregnancy test turned negative
Fear of a miscarriage often makes a pregnant woman continually try the pregnancy test, even if the result is positive. his habit of doing so makes sure or convince themselves if they are pregnant. if one day your pregnancy test turns negative, it may be a miscarriage. For that, go to your obstetrician immediately to confirm the Subject.
besides ... other signs of pregnancy like nausea and also vomiting can also be the characteristics that indicate if the content is in a state of no good
obat aborsi secara alami So if the signs like this you have not felt again. it is good to have a quick consultation with a doctor to quickly find a solution
Being the mother of your child is the dream of all women. So taking care of pregnancy is the main Subject that MUST be done
Hopefully Information Above helps you Women in order to be careful of the Heart of the Heart so as not to miscarry.